Minshuku Yadokari is traditional Japanese minshuku a 5 minute drive from Zamami port. It is located in a very quiet area completely surrounded by nature and a short walk to the beautiful Ama beach. 





What is an "Okinawa Style Japanese Minshuku?"

Each room has traditional Japanese tatami mats and bedding consists of a Japanese futon. (There are no western style beds.) The shower room is for all the guests to share (showers only), men and women are separate.


The rooms are a bit small but the shared living area is spacious. The garden is very large and quiet where you can relax and enjoy the island breeze.


               Price List 


       1Night ¥5400(1Person)

                        Dinner     ¥1620(1Person)

                   Breakfast ¥540   (1Person)

             Toast&coffee    ¥350


Elementary school children under 6 are free with no extra charge. However, we cannot offer extra bedding or meals in this case. If you would like these amenities can be added for a separate charge.



*Please make your reservations via our email: yadokari@andline.jp

*Please make sure you have made a reservation for the ferry to Zamami island. Reservations for the ferry can be made up to 2 months in advance.



☆☆Our wonderful guests from all around the world !!